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Top 5 Malaysian Clothing Brands

For the past decade, the local apparel industry has stepped up their game by establishing their own clothing brands. Brands that are born and bred in Malaysia, offering everyday items like t-shirts, hoodies, pants and clothing accessories are now a dime a dozen, and here are the Top 5 Malaysian Clothing Brands!

1) Rare Clothing Co.

An independent clothing label that has been around since September 2010, Rare Clothing Co. focuses primarily on casual streetwear. This includes everything from graphic tees to caps, jeans and accessories that are hip, stylish and timeless. You can check out their available items on Shopee.

2) Kiz Urban

Kiz Urban’s philosophy isn’t just about pure fashion but also a visible expression of cultural and social identities. Their clothing line is kept simple but practical and stylish enough, offering predominantly black and white casualwear with graphic prints. Available for men and women, you can shop their clothes conveniently online or visit one of their stockists right here.

3. Oh Sebenar

A collection of contemporary, earthy tones and trans-seasonal clothing, the fashion brand, Oh Sebenar takes the minimal route. The brand established a line with comfortable, easily-worn and layered pieces perfect for any occasion.

4. Whimsigirl

Inspired by women with different success stories, passions and lifestyle, Whimsigirl put their intentions in creating versatile pieces fit for any woman. The founder, Syazana Sukiman and her team at Whimsigirl hopes these minimal, neutral-coloured clothing helps to produce empowerment, confidence and independence in women with the everyday style masterpieces. 

5. Passioniss.Co

Founded by Aylea who has experience in fashion work, promises to be casual, style and up-to-date design and sustainable. Check it out  passionissco.com

There are Top 5 Malaysian Clothing Brand to be known.